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Monday, August 13, 2007


Uh oh. You and me are gonna have to break up. I think Mexican food is D*I*S*G*U*S*T*I*N*G. It's almost as bad as when people wear brown and blue together.

Hell, just the mention of them set my mouth to water!

You can TOTALLY be engaged to a taco. I prefer indecent flings, though - then you can have one with the taco, the enchilada, the burrito with sour cream sauce...

Yes,but it would probably come back to bite you in the ass later.Just stick to fooling around.

A baja taco sounds like a fling to me. Now a nice spicy pot roast.........


If I can have an intimate relationship with a Cadbury Caramel Egg, (and let's not even mention what happened with the cream puff!) you can get engaged to a baja taco.

Mmmm... I just REALLY thought about fresh tacos... I'm going to have to make me some for dinner. Mmmm... wait! Avacados! I have avacados! I can just eat some of them! Or make some homemade salsamole.

Thanks. Now you did it!

Can you please share the ingredients for a baja-style taco for this ignorant gringo?

My mouth is watering; I can't get a good taco in Maine!

Hmmm, tacos... (insert Homer Simpson drooling noises here).

You fickle, fickle woman you! Oh ok, I would give it up for a baja taco too! :)

I spent much time on Google this morning (aren't you proud of me) trying to figure out what a baja style taco was. I visited many places that were said to be THE place to get them. Still don't know what makes them different except at one place you could get them made with tripe or tongue. Thanks but no thanks. Guess I'll stick to Tex-Mex :-)

Oooh, that sounds wonderful!

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