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Monday, August 27, 2007


now i'm hungry! what a good friend Joan is!
not sure what chocolate chicken wings are, though. .. . do i wanna know?
pretty yarn! i have never made a lace project other than socks, so i'm sorry i can't help with the pattern suggestions. pretty yarn! I'm sure it will look gorgeous no matter what you choose to do with it.

I need you to eat the peanut butter shortbread NOW so you can tell me whether it's worth $9.00 in shipping fees. Okeedokee? Thanks. :)

Maple anything is my brand of poison. Pure maple candy? YUM.
Now I need some maple something. Why is there not maple gum so I can have it all day long and not double my currently-too-large size? Or better yet, all things made with real maple should be diet food. Ditto for the things you put it on. Pancakes? Calorie-free. And waffles. And maple cookies, and sugar...

Cripes, i better send more cookies...i sort of like seeing this side of you. ;)

I believe that free cookies are a very good sign from the Universe. I'm jealous as that beats the hell out of my hummingbird and rainbow...

I'd be happy to make cookies for you. And you like maple sugar candy? That's a staple around here.

Yummy. Me, I'm still not tired of knitting socks, and was actually worried about running out. Never fear, there appears to be no chance of that any time soon.

Your happy glow can be seen all the way from Wisconsin. Yum-ola, maple sugar cand-dee. whew. Lovely yarns, too.

Wow! Cookies do that for Cookie? I may have to bake some and mail them off! :) Of course, by the time I get to the post office, they may be hard as rocks!

It's wonderful to see the love :)

cookies - check
Maple candy - check
beautiful yarn - check

That is officialy an awesome package! For lace pattern ideas check out Victorian Lace Today or A Gathering of Lace. Both are fantastic books

I'm sitting here with the blow dryer trying to clean up my keyboard because I was drooling all over it thankyouverymuch.

Lucky girl! Boy, people sure do like you, don't they? Either that or it's an experiment to see if they can change you from cranky to happy and gain control of your soul temporarily. Ever had pecan pie made with maple syrup? I'm not a huge fan of either maple or pecans, but that was the best pie I ever ate. Mmmmm. Why am I talking about pie? I must be lonely today. Anyway, my two most recent lace projects were Morning Glory and Print O The Wave and they were both fun and came out very nice, so I'll throw them out there as possibilities.

Oh my..I do love coconut macaroons..and chocolate with them..that sounds like pure heaven to me.

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