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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Awww, he was in Ballykissangel! I used to love that show, and then PBS took it off the air for a while, so when I finally could watch it again, I didn't know what was happening and all my favorite people were gone.
I have portulaca in my planters and they are LOVING the heat.

I opted for a horse over cable. Victor's not really that entertaining though. Maybe I could teach him to whinny with a British accent.

No cable here although I'm sure I'd be ODing on BBC America if I had it.

My mom always has a big container of portulaca. The only thing guaranteed to grow. No wonder Fritos gave them away.

I'm a huge fan of British television shows. I didn't see Jekyll but maybe I'll catch it at the library when they get it. Dh isn't a huge fan of British television and likes to make fun or criticize my shows so I tend to tape them or get them from the library when they come out on dvd.

I used to love Murphy but the third season wasn't as good and I kinda gave up on it.

Love James Nesbitt though. He was also in an episode of Wire in the Blood. He was delicious in it.

And on the knitting note...knit some socks the color of those flowers. Those are beautiful.

I wonder if they gave those seeds away in Wisconsin? Lovely double color flower--I am very used to seeing bright pink. I usually call those pretty things moss roses but Frito plants sounds more interesting. I haven't seen Jekyl yet...I had not even heard of the new show! I'm a hermit. Oh yes, and DH seems to have charge of the remote. 8-)

Ya know, i've seen that flower before but never knew its name. Coolness, now i know.

Yes, you are that freaky, but...that's part of why we love you.

Yep! I watched over here on the BBC - you're going to love the ending :-)

I grew up growing portulacas. Nobody ever knows what they are when I talk about them; most people call them moss roses. Blah.

I've always known the plants as moss rose; in MN it's supposed to be an annual, but mine seem to reseed themselves with fabulous abandon and I have a whole mess of them. Some of my favorite ground fillers--they've even planted themselves all along our driveway in the dust and gravel right there... :-)

Wonder when it'll come out on DVD. No tv in our house, so I rely on people to vett my shows fo me. And I usually like the shows that my "freaky" bloglines feeds recommend...

Did you just say BBC America ON DEMAND? Holy bat shit! I love BBC to begin with... and now they have on demand!? I'm one of the only 10 streets that doesn't have digital. Two years they've been promsing to intall digital cable.

I loved Monarch of the Glen and Ballykissangel.

oooh....HINTS!! :)

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