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Thursday, August 30, 2007


LOL! I just love reading your posts. I have never considered my ankles when trying to stand in a picture. I have much more offensive bodily features I guess.

sure, you can have Monday's national holiday if you like. Cookie day sounds much better than labor day. (but that's only if we see the socks as proof!)
wow - go you! tres impressed that the man apologized, my ex - bf would just leave if I called him out on something. hence, the ex.

I was named after one of the Lennon sisters. No kidding.

I think you should have a national holiday in your honor for getting a man to apologize.

dude boys know how to apologize and you know the secret to make them do it?? There should be a monument for you !! ;)

I second the notion that you should have a national holiday in your honor for getting a man to apologize. DH and I have managed to stay together many years, but it is not because he knows how to apologize. Rarely, anyway.

I think you deserve the national holiday for having the bravery to speak out on ankle appearance. On second thought, you get the national holiday for socknitting and pattern writing, and a whole month for ankle appearance awareness.

LOL.The Lennon Sisters? Really?? That's HOT!

OOOOH! You have 2-faced ankles!! :D


If you need help with the pattern proof reading, let me know. :-)

I expect it will be National Cookie Day on Monday. Men apologizing, sock patterns, terrorizing geeks....cute ankle shots...it just has to be a Cookie-day on Monday. *g* If you need a reader, I'm willing.

2 faced ankles? Is that like the Seinfeld episode?

Just told off the former love via e-mail and his reply was an apology.

Keep that email and start selling it on ebay. You'll make a fortune ;)

Cookie, my hubby just said to me "sorry love" and I said "about what", he said "don't know, it is just for next time I say something stupid". LOL. He was reading your post with me, hehehe.

I think we should have Monday as Cookie day...sounds much better than Labor Day :)

National? How about International? Everyone wants to celebrate Cookie Day. The whole world will eat sock shaped cookies while watching the big Geek Dropkicking game on TV and the holiday special "He Admitted He Was Wrong" on Cookie's Eve.

Hormones? I bet Squidette could give you a run for your money ...

Oh, there's so much here. Where to begin...
There's nothing like a good TELLING Off to cheer one's day. Or shaking a geek. That could be a new sport! I'm telling you!
Those socks are great and repeat after me..."I HAVE GREAT ANKLES. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY ANKLES"
I mean it. Nothing. perfectly good ankles.

Oh, and I'm all for the National holiday!

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