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Sunday, August 19, 2007


So your cat gave you her drippy nose? :) Cute socks! I really should knit should knit something. Oh and since I'm not knitting, can I cross something else?

Now that picture does not make your legs look ghostly white.

I really really like the heels! You planned that right? Lol.

Oh! What pretty socks! So bright and cheerful. I hope your friend appreciates them.

I love the footies they are adorable and remind me of rainbow bright

Love the footies. Good to know you can get two pair. Is this the 100g skein?

Just to let you know...I ran into this with my son's cat...cats have unions. Yep, they do. And secret handshakes. They don't do dishes either.

lovely and bright, how could she NOT like them!

What's not to like? They're adorable!

Much as I try, the P-Man has failed to learn to empty the dishwasher or vacuum. Maybe better cat treats? :)

Very most excellent footies! I'm sure your friend will *heart* them.

I'm glad kitty is feeling better. My kitties give me an extra hour or so on Sundays for sleeping before they start the demands for the morning routine to start. However, they have never shown an inclination toward preparing supper for the humans. Good luck with the al-r-gees

Don't worry, I'm going to LOVE them! ;)

I've been trying unsuccessfully to make the dog vacuum. Every single day for as long as I've had him he's had some lame ass excuse. I assigned my brother's dog the chore of cleaning the bathrooms; nothing. Ungrateful little moochers, the lot of them. And I did *not* ask the cat to coat all my surfaces in hair and/or vomit,but he went ahead and did it. Cat's are overachievers.

I *love* that colorway! Those are gorgeous.

So cute! I highly doubt I'd get two pairs of footies out of a ball for my giant feet. ;) You are lucky to have small feet to knit for. :)

So pretty ... as usual! I gotta knit me a pair of socks with pink in them! Bu t i can live vicariously through your socks -- God knows, I could never keep up! LOL! The ones you knit the other day (for your friend Bev) are my absolute favorites. That colour combo is really striking -- When I knit my pink socks -- I am going after that colour combo!

ooooooooooooooh, LOVE that colorway. Must find.

OH MY GOD! I was sitting here, barraging you with a week's worth of comments and my neighbor walked up the steps holding a package. I hid, because well, I'm in my jammies. Anyhoo, when the coast was clear, I got the package like a moth to a flame you know. AND WHAT DID I FIND???
These wonderful socks! AND. AND> the purple cable ones too. I have fainted. FAINTED from the surprise! (after eating a handful of banana chips, of course...)
How wonderful are you? Even if you ARE grouchy??
Thank you, Cookie! You have made my day. /munch, munch..

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