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Sunday, August 26, 2007


I like them! That was my first instinct before reading about your concerns and remains my opinion after reading them. You can always change the mods on the next pair. But these look like they fit well and are proportioned to your feet. (ok, except maybe the long toe, but you have to do what you have to do):)
I love the colorway, too! i have a long list of yarn I want to order from Scout!
looking forward to seeing your own pattern!

I like 'em.

I like them...pretty color, and they look cute on.

these came out very cute

I like that the purls jump out of you -- makes the pattern more visible.

Actually, I like the long toe. And the colors work well with monkey. Mine are too stripe-defined but darn it...they're my monkeys and I'll wear 'em with pride.

you know, I think you could knit anything in any colour and it would look stunning ! I don't care for blue, and am not crazy about monkeys ... but now I want these socks! Man! first the pink thing (which, now is #3 on my list of favorite colours -- up from #305 bazilliontyfive hundred and seven) ... now the blue (which was ranked 2 less than the pink, until these Monkeys came up on my screen!)

Your socks are BEAUTIFUL!


Well, I love Monkeys and those are nice ones, so I'm in agreement with the rest of the commenters.

I love them!!!

They are beautiful!

Just back from AZ... will chat at you later.. just wanted to quick stop and see how many you can knit in a weekend!

I think they look great! Nice color combos too.

Love. They are perfect end of the summer looking socks. Now bring me the end of summer, please.

I think they're gorgeous. So there.

Now here's where I confess that I do whatever cuff/heel/toe I like and ignore whatever the pattern says on pretty much every pattern I knit. Yeah, there's no 1x1 twisted ribbing on any of my socks. :)

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