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Thursday, August 02, 2007


I do love an older man bearing bottles of libations.
Cute socks!

Didn't I just send you that pattern link on TUESDAY? Gawd, you're fast. They came out perfect, what a cute pair of sockies.

Ooh! *Shaking fist* now there is yet ANOTHER sock that I have to start RIGHT NOW!!! My knitting ADD knows no bounds!

How cute are those. And yes, that color looks familiar. :)
Um, wrong side of 50? I'm not even asking which side is the wrong side, because I'm probably on it.

Well, I have a feeling I'm on that same side as the tall man with steaks and wine, and it's not a bad place to be. Steak and wine help a lot, too.

Forget the steaks. Just grab the wine and run. :-)

Way to insult your gay boyfriend! :)

There isn't a wrong side of 50... maybe 65, but 50 is still totally doable. In more ways than one.


Knitter of lovely socks, you did it again. I love the match of the yarn color and pattern.

I think porterhouse steaks and wine are not easily passed by.... *g* No matter which side of the hill you're on.

Was he on sale? I mean, how could you pass up a good sale? AND. If you had a man coupon, forget it. It would be a no brainer.
LOVING all over your forget me nots!

ooo pretty :-) I'll have Greg keep a look out for sexy men for sale in the grocery store. You wouldn't mind a 45 min drive to pick him up would you?


Those are so pretty...I think...

can quite tell, due to the glare


Beautiful! I really love the color.

What is it with you and boys this week? I guess sometimes the universe just has to have it's fun huh?! ;)

I love the 10 items or less line. My fave is the dude with roses and a box of condoms. XL, right buddy.

With enough wine, is there really a wrong side of 50?

Hmmm. Steaks and wine? Yummmmmm.

Cute socks. :)

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