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Friday, August 24, 2007


Very pretty! And very pink! (look at the self control... I'll let you put them together in your own mind)

Gorgeous! A Cookie inspired colourway...it is beautiful.

It's GORGEOUS! But you know I'd like it, right? ;-)

My dreams are never that pretty... Can't wait to see what you make! Happy Friday!

It's beautiful. But where's the crankypants today? ;-)

Pretty pretty. It makes me think of Smarties.

its soo pretty... you dream good yarn colors

I need to start being crankier. Then maybe people will do stuff for me! Reverse psychology! It's very pretty yarn, you lucky duck.


I am so glad that this was the package you were waiting for. Mine to you left today after a curious detour to Boy Scout camp with the Mr. and boys. Somehow I don't think you mind that your goodies hung out with men and bears in the woods.
That yarn is beautiful, you must've been dreaming on the right side of the bed.

pretty in pink. Awesome! :)

I should think that a scarf that bright and cheerful would be perfect despite the skin tones. But you can always check by putting the skein up next to your face. :)

I do love the colors though. They're gorgeous! You may be converting me to the land of pink after all.

You dream a beautiful yarn!

I'm not normally fond of pink but you could convert me with that yarn.

Now that is some really pretty yarn!!!

Now that is a lovely colorway, a dream combination. :-) Scout and Bev did some very good work, eh?

How pretty and how sweet! I can't wait to see what you make of it.

I am SO jealous!! It's beautiful.

Very pretty colorway!

Another Cookie inspired yarn. Oh no! And me with no yarn monies!

That Scout is one talented lady! Gorgeous colors...it's very you, Cookie.

Dee-licious colorway there hunny!


Wow! It's even prettier than I thought it would be when Scout told me what you'd dreamed! xx

Okay, babe! It's catch up time! Ready???
That yarn is fabulous! LUCKY YOU! And right up your alley with the colorway!!!!
enjoy it!

Hurray for dreamy yarn. :)

I like it, and really like the name!

Don't take this wrong, but I want to lick your skein! Yummy!!!!

Wow. That is totally gorgeous! Bev and Scout rock!

Awesome! Judging from your blog colors, that's totally you. :)

If you have a problem with yellow against your skin, that right there is the way to do it. There is very LITTLE yellow there -- just enough to make it look sunny, but not enough to make a difference against your skin. At least in MY not-so-humble opinion. :)

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