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Monday, August 20, 2007


I love vacation memories! So, the Skinny Cow ice cream stuff is really good?

I love the fact that I'm no longer hungover.

I love the Skinny Cow Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches. They are 140 calories and worth every single one. Also cow-related, I love Laughing Cow Light cheese. Little triangles of cheesy happiness.

I also love the anticipation of starting a new sock. The pink socks are very cute.

I've been eating far more Fudgsicles than is proper these days too.

I love that it is now 4:57 and I can go home! Love the pink socks!

Love the size 9 pink socks! Love being able to take a break from wet vac-ing water. Love the oven-fried chicken wings wafting their lovely smell to me. :-) Love your blog. Love being silly.

I love that it's cool outside tonight. I love that there are wonderful bloggers out there that can produce socks like a rabbit. I love that I found something I love doing - and I get to help people to boot!

I love pink! I admit it! Ok, maybe love is a strong word. But it's growing on me

Love the Skinny Cow and love those socks more! Clever use of color my dear...

Ok,where did all this love come from and what have you done with the *real* Cookie?? Hmmm. ;)

I love the fact that I'm home! Nice socks, as always ...

i love vosges chocolate, friends, pink, knitting with yummy yarn, really good sushi, a really good book, Lush bath bombs, and reading my fav knitting blogs. :)
Thank you for reminding me to think of things that make me happy! My list could be a lot longer, but I won't bore you all.
wait one more . .. Italian piazzas (not pizzas, but those are good too, in the Neopolitan style!)

Gorgeous socks as always. Today I love my heater in my office - yes, it's that cold.

I hid my Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in the back of the downstairs freezer so that no one else would eat them, and I never remember to go get one until you mention SC on your blog, so keep it up. I can't wait to get home from work tonight and scarf one down!

I thought of you during last night's The Closer -- notice I did not e-mail you to spoil the ending after I watched it in an earlier time zone! ;-)

Weight Watchers makes Cookies 'n' Cream bars which are TO DIE FOR. Oh man are they good.

I have a mini-crush on Alton Brown. He speaks my favorite language, of Science Geek.

I love the delusion that a little exercise will compensate for a calorie-laden binge!

I love vcrs & dvds for those all-night insomnia parties. But not infomercials.

I love modern technology that allows us to watch mind-bogglng movies while we sit and do something as old as time, like knitting.

I love Russell Crowe & Hugh Jackman for being family men. Nothing sexier.

I love the Professor who thinks he is the boss of me. (And he's right.)

I love caller ID so I don't have to answer those infernal telemarketers.

I love my new sock that I knit on vacation. Will put pix up, but first I have to take them. And then knit sock two.

I love the new Cat Bordhi sock book, which I bought on vacation.

I love the 1st quarter of my Falling Water scarf, knit on the plane home.

I love going on vacation. And I love coming home again.

Hi I was just blog hoppin and saw those pink socks!

I love all things pink!

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