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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Fab sock! I likey the pattern! Make it pink!

Cute socks ... can't wait to see them in a shade of pink ( I can't get the picture big enough to see the details of the stitches ... but I like the overall effect) sorry to hear the STR sucked ... I have 2 skeins of it, and haven't ever knit it -- I have ead a few times it tends to bleed, so am a little scared to take the time to make socks and have them not rock.)

I don't think any of my STR has bleed...wonder what's up with that!? Great looking sock, Cookie!

They look great!! I've never had bleeding problems with STR either, at least not yet (I will now that I typed that). When will we see the write up for this pattern? :)

Lovely pattern, I'm sure it'll look great in solid.

I don't know if I've worked with over-twisted yarn, but under-twisted yarn is pretty sucky, IMO. I'll look forward to your pattern!

I like 'em. And, like other people, my STR has not bled. And they are CANADA geese not Canadian geese. :-)

I'd try getting in contact with the STR people. I've knit several pairs of socks with their yarn, and have yet to see bleeding. I've heard a lot of good things about them, never had a problem with their product and I found the owners are very personable when face-to-face. Perhaps its an oversight? I hope so!

Nice socks! I think you should knit them in a solid, too. Frankly, how else would your write a pattern? I'm sure there's no one way to do it!

Dumb ass? No way. Busy sock knitter/designer, maybe. :-D You certainly gave me a laugh when I'm embracing all the cranberries I can find. Yeah, ugh.

ROFL!! You constantly crack me up.

Pink? You're knitting with pink??? Get outta here! :D

Don't know about the bleeding thing -- only knit one pair of STR before the craze hit -- but I've had crocking/bleeding issues with Cherry Hill Tree.

As always, the socks are lovely!

Nice socks, but, whoa, are you allergic to them? They're doing funny things to your normally tiny ankles. Weirdness...
And, regarding the geese, they ARE Canadian. They are FROM Canada, and they are always quacking (or whatever they do) things with that annoying accent, much like the people from Wisconsin. If you are from Canada, you are Canadian.

I've never had a problem with STR bleeding while I knit or wore it, but perhaps the Nodding part of Nodding Violet meant that they nodded off whilst dying the yarn. . . In any case, I think the socks are gorgeous and I would definitely like to see them in a solid and with a more close up view.

I liked the foot shot the other day... your ankles looked skinny and tan. No, I do not have a fetish. Just noticing. :D

Yeah... when are you doing a pattern for those? And your regular 2x2 socks? >:)


Hey Dave - Don't geese honk?

I've never used STR or most other sock yarns out there. I've mostly knit socks in worsted weight living up here in Wisconsin where the feets get cold. I've got some Paton's Kroy that I'm knitting with now that I really like and I've knit with Fortissima which I really love.

But the socks should be yellow, you know. *wicked cackle*

Love the pattern. Write it down so we can become Cookie groupies.

I bow down to your insane amount of sock knitting this summer. I was pretty pround of myself with 14 pairs... you are a sock knitting FREAK!

I bow down to your insane amount of sock knitting this summer. I was pretty pround of myself with 14 pairs... you are a sock knitting FREAK!

I use STR all the time with out a problem till I did get one bad skein. I wrote them and their customer service was great.

Good luck with that and the pattern, the socks look great. It's tough to get a good ankle angle ;)

Honestly, where do geese fly when they live in California? I mean really? Don't they fly TO California from places like Massachusetts? Are they going to cross the border? I'm curious
Loving your sock pattern. You are so clever. And if I hear the words "fat ankles" from you again, I am boarding a plane and going to clobber you. :D
I don't like STR either. Hate it as a matter of fact. It bugged me so much, the overtwist. (how's that for a nightmare of a constructed sentence??)

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