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Friday, August 10, 2007


Hmm, I seem to be suffering from those same maladies. Will def be staying in this weekend as finally have house all to myself for once! May have to indulge in watching Aiden and PM - that is a good movie/guilty pleasure. That and a bunch of ti-vo'ed Coupling episodes.
Hope you have a good weekend! looking forward to seeing sock pics on Sunday!

I love this line: "I really do need to find my love of gardening. I seem to have left it somewhere. Along with the ability to give a rat's ass." hehehe.

Hey--today we are matching ;)...I have a pic of a rose too on my blog :)

Ooooh, maybe i'll bust out my Practical Magic DVD and watch it with you. Mmmm, Sandra...

I *know* they're going to be fabu, just like you!!

Lovely rose! Kind of lotus-like and peaceful. Have a super weekend.

Well, I for one and glad you are not giving out rat's asses... because what ffs would we do with them.


please don't go away all weekend. :( waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

I never give a rat's ass about anything. Well except for whether or not there's ice cream in the house.

Know the sock problem. I am currently knitting multiple pair of size 8/8.5 socks and have no way of judging the fit. Good Luck!

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