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Thursday, July 12, 2007


I looooove those colors! It's no "cookie" yarn but it'll do...

Me! I want to go cute shoe shopping!

Me! I want to shoe shop! Love the socks.

I got quite the start when I saw a finished pair of socks here after our conversation. I thought...."see? She IS that fast!" lol!

That yarn is even more beautiful in socks than in the shawl. That makes 9 pair?


mad sock skillz


That pattern is cool as hell. I'll have to think about making it.

Sock LOVE!!!! That pattern looks so cool opened up. And in that yarn is TOO Faboo. :D

They look really comfy too.

So yeah, I'm up for Shoe Shopping. heh. I'll emails ya. ;^)


Ooh, I have that book... Hmm.

I deserve shoes! I lost ten pounds and haven't gotten my shoes yet! I demand shoes!

Oooooooooooooooh. ::drool::

Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful Dave yarn. How many pairs have you made now?

I'm trying not to like them for their two faced nature, but I can't. They're too cool not to love. I can't imagine needing to decrease for a heel. It could be the lack of coffee, but I'm sitting here puzzling that one out. It must be something to do with heel flap socks that wouldn't apply to SR heels.

You'll have to find a creative way to display all of your socks for Jane's show your socks contest next year. You'll have so many to show!

I'm always up for cute shoe shopping. ;) They look great and geez louise you are fast!

OMG, is that the yarn that she got all tangly because she didn't know what she was doing? (Heavy drinking involved, or that bad arm thing?)
Regardless, YOU have done a fantastic job on turning that yarn into some wonderful socks. And the pattern really flatters the yarn.

gawd.. okay okay. So I see your socks and I drool!! I'm getting closer to giving socks another go.

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