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Friday, July 27, 2007


ooohhh ... I like the Friday socks! very pretty colours (pink and green! love it!) you are a knitting demon girl! Wow! Even with the timeline you laid out in the blog, I still can't see how you cna knit this much without a "ghost knitter' helping you along!-- fast, fast, fast! your needles must smoke!

(I like to knit along with CSI too - I find the action makes me faster!)

Ok.. maybe I'll retract the "mad sock knitting skillz" and agree with the "crazy sock knitter"


HEY! You said it first!


Amazing. I am in awe. BTW, I think that tonight I'm finally going to break into the sock yarn you enabled me into. And the reason? Another high anxiety moment is coming tomorrow. Although not as bad as last time, but still. My mom asked me to accompany her while she searches for the perfect mattress. Maybe this is more of a "save me from death by boredome" sock.

Nothing wrong with cat photos. Just saying.

I too have to be "clear headed" for K stitching LOL! Gorgeous colorway!

Happy weekend! :)

I'm sooooo confused :)

Those new socks are great. And I work/photo/blog in the same way that you do. It always seems that lots of time has passed between the project and blogging about it.

You? Obsessed with socks? Nah. Just TV. ;) Love the colors on the latest pair. :)

Hmm, the planets must be in some wierd alignment since it seems everyone had a horrible week! And I disagree that socks are good stress relievers since I can't seem to figure out how to knit them! Of course, I usually give up within 10 minutes. Someday...

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