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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Lucky Norma. The socks and the yarn are really nice.

They look great!!!

Another great pair.

You mean you don't consider me a stalker? MAN! I have to work harder at that.

Socks engage in intercourse? Oh, is that how baby socks are made?

Bloglines finally picked you up and I re-read your last line.

What do you mean no fucking socks!?!

Are you being prejudiced against socks?

What did they ever do to you?


You photoshopped that paleness right?? :)

Love the colors!! Nice socks!

You are the most amazing sock knitter that I almost know!

I come here because of you. And I could turn stalkerish in a minute, sweetheart!
And I thought that you knit Norma socks! But I See that they are for you. Which is good. For you, not Norma!
I can't wait for the heat to leave me alone so I can wear the most wonderful socks in the world. That would be YOURS.
Monday tomorrow. No socks? Why even bother getting up. Really.

Very pretty Norma socks.

Regarding whiteness---girls that live in glass houses don't throw stuff.....

At this point I imagine even if you picked up super bulky yarn your daily sock knitting GPS would have you knitting socks for Big Foot :)

Hey, you should start a sock business. I have a URL if you need one. :)

Another great pair! And I'm with you on the paleness. I don't get much sun these days.

You're on quite a roll with Scout yarn! I do love the way that the colors fell on those socks. It's almost a dappled sunlight through the leaves effect, very pretty.

Great Socks!!!

I love how that yarn knit up in your standard pattern. :D

Curious how it ended up being cuff down though. *L*

I am conflicted. Have I mentioned that green is not my favorite color, and purple is my favorite? Here they are together. Not sure how I feel about that. OK, I'm weird about my colors.

Very cute socks...very pretty yarn...really white legs!!! :)

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