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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Haha!! Well at least you have another pair finished! :oD

Wow. Um... nice toes! ;)

I also had the same dreadful results with the exact yarn. I frogged 'em and they became a felted hat. Pansy actually felts really nicely, and besides, who wants to hand wash socks?

I think I can honestly say I've never seen a pair of socks quite like those before.

They may come in handy if you ever decide to run away and join the circus as a clown.


Um, well, wow....thats about all I can say.

Um . . . Well, the pooling is pretty symmetrical, and the knitting looks nice....

Nice toes. Definitely nice toes.

Mmmmmmmint. I've never had a mojito but now you've got me thinking about one!

I think I'm glad that Pansy isn't one of the skeins I have in my stash. Or..maybe it is. I do really like the feel of that yarn though. It's the softest I've ever used, I think. Sorry that I missed yesterday's rant..but glad that you are sounding better today

LOL! I love pooling socks and I think they're neat. If you hate the yarn so much, feel free to sell the other colors to me!

I love them!I think they are gorgeous.Very purple.Nice.

I have to be honest...I thought there were some serious clouds going over those socks while you were taking pictures...maybe they'll be good under boots?

Those socks are better than NO Socks. So there. Be happy. Those can be the "wear at home while eating popcorn and drinking organic mint mojitos and hating all over men" socks.
You know?
What if you overdyed them??
Ready to live in a cave with me?xo

"Serious Ugly" sounds like a Harry Potter character. And that is all I'm going to say about those socks.


i dunno, i think they're rather interesting.

There is too much purple for me to dislike these socks.

Yep, nice toes, and the purple is a nice purple - then again all purple is. What if it was knit in plain stocking stitch?

Oh, my. Those are a bit much, but I can also see them as something that will grow on you. You might even wear them a lot if they are comfortable, so I think the true test will be looking at them a year from now and taking account of whether you've worn and liked them a lot.


That's a nice sock pattern? No really! Will you tell us all what it is? /runs

I like em :)

They aren't *that* bad. The toes and heels are definitely, well, more attractive then the rest. But they really aren't that terrible.

My mint is going crazy. You've given me a good reminder that I really should cut it back again...

I thought you'd spilled the ink bottle on 'em.

I have some of that yarn. 2 skeins, 1 each in 2 different colorways. Someone in my knit group last holiday season contributed these as one of the gifts, along with the KnitPicks free pattern for using that yarn to make felted bowls. After reading the instructions I realized that each bowl would be 4" across. It didn't seem worth it. I might have squeezed a pair of footies out of one skein, if only I liked the colorways I have. DD has now claimed the yarn, let's see what she does with it.

I'm not sure if ugly is the word, but if they are comfy and cozy, then I say wear them for TV nights or in bed when the toes are cold. I like them, so I must be wierd.....

Mint and Mojitios....sounds yummy....when are we invited? OR, please share the methods of making with us so we can all indulge!

And, just for the record, it is okay with me if we chant "Men Suck"....for the record

Call them your grape juice accident and let it stand at that. Got a little drunk when they dyed the yarn, did they?

Wear them with boots?

Wow, look at those heels! Those are awesome. You should do some kind of wacky short rows all over pattern for the next pair in that colorway. It might be a little lumpy, but if you call it a design feature, you could totally sell it to Knitter's mag.

I made the mistake of ordering that exact sock yarn from knitp1cks. It was on clearance at the time too. I didn't like it when it showed up at my door. I didn't like the way it knit up. I did use the "smores" colorway to knit up socks for a christmas gift. It took me 6 months to knit them up. grrrr. I have move the other colors I got on to people to make the chevron scarf from "last minute knitted gifts." It's working up nicely from what I see.

Not all men suck, just some who are heartless.

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