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Monday, July 30, 2007


*offers Cookie some nice soft yarn to pet* ... I know, not same as Kitty ... but still nice. :)

I think I had the same kind of weekend...I'll bring the chocolate.

Man. Sounds like there isn't enough beer for this. I will crack open the tequila cabinet, and you get yourself a straw.

And this is a news flash? :) You could knit a voodoo doll and punish it?

Or would yarn help?

But, how do you REALLY feel?

You got butter for that popcorn? I'll be right over.

I second that motion...MEN SUCK!

All men suck. It is the degree of suckiness that varies.

Aw, Cookie. Want me to beat somebody up for you? Yeah, I'm so tough. Well, we can imagine it.

Popcorn's good, but beer is better...oh yeah, men suck! Hugs and kisses to you.

Popcorn's good, but beer is better...oh yeah, men suck! Hugs and kisses to you.

Oh dear ! Definitely sounds like a chocolate and nice yarn fix is in order. Hope things improve form here on in.

I recommend lots of chocolate, knitting water and sharp objects in case any of those who suck come near!

Men? What are those? Do they suck in a good way?

Hmm. Tequila is a must it seems, who has the limes?

Oh dear. I'm usually up for a good round of male bashing, but this sounds like an extreme case. I prescribe you to knit a pair of socks and call me in the morning!

Want to run off to the nunnery with me?

My daddy says he loves you anyway.

So many do, I agree. I'm sorry that they had to suck in your direction, though. *hug* So, fiber therapy day?

Oh dear. I'm wondering how you feel about men??
lots of hugs for you, my grumpy one. You need them all. Poor you. Did you wallow a bit? That can help.
We hate people, don't we??

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