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Thursday, July 26, 2007


You are so accommodating. After giving away a couple of pairs of socks this week I think you deserve a pass...bring back the socks on Monday;)

No sock knitting on Friday? Huh?

Inquiring minds want to know how you manage to crank out all these socks. Really. Share.

Another wonderful pair! Lucky KnittyOtter!

What?! No pale flesh modeling the socks?! We want skin! :) I do like those socks - very pretty colors...

Where do you get the time??? o.O;

Eh... Margene doesn't know does she? You actually have AT LEAST a completed pair you're not showing and another on the needles. Cause you got mad sock knitting skilz. :D

If I could get my ass to the post office, I could get a pair from you too.

I love Julie's motivational skills! In awe--- of her and of the very cool socks for Knitty Otter. Very nice socks for denim or otherwise. I love the long wordy post. Have a nice weekend, Cookie!

Are you taking orders??

For Moi? Dang that was fast. :D

Didn't you just get that yarn?

They look fantastic. I wasn't sure what the dominate colors would be for that yarn.

Thank you so much, sweetie. :D


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