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Saturday, July 07, 2007


I thinkl the color is quite pretty! It looks like "Beach Fog" from Dream In Color!

I like it. It is like the sky at the edge of sunset.

Very beachy. Nice job! Especially for someone who doesn't like the beach. I know the perfect name for the colorway!!!

SOCKS!! I NEED TO SEE SOCKS!!! I'm being blinded and deafened by NASCAR. HELP!

Did you actually use the sun to bake your yarn? That's kind of neat. I hope it works out well!

Very nice - what a cool method! (We don't often get hot enough for that here, though yesterday came close.)

The yarn looks great! How many packets/colors of Kool-Aid went into the pot?

I'm glad you're enjoying some cooler weather. It is such a lovely event especially after the really hot stuff. I hope it stays with you for a while.

I sat outside for ... wait for it ... six hours today. It was so incredibly beautiful out there. Thank goodness for cool air.

I think I hate April. :)

(I'd pout, but I'm too hot to)

It's very pretty but if it were me, I'd put it back out to get a more intense color. But on the other hand, it's very tonal and I love yarn like that. Oooh decisions, decisions.

Color is beautiful! I'd never thought of dying yarn in the sun - just like making sun tea...great idea. Think you did a fab job on the yarn.

I think the color is beautiful. I'd never have thought to dye it in the sun; you are brilliant :-)

Oh yeah! It looks like a swimming pool to me. A pool of nice, cool, rippling water. Love!

Cool Yarn. :D That'll be neat knit up.

Many days of dyeing left to play. *dances*

I'm glad you had some cooler weather. Did the kitty still want to cuddle when it wasn't crazy hot? *L*


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