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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well. With Kew you could do what I'm doing and that's ignoring it for the time being.

As for bandwagons, you know, sometimes people you like sort of talk you into stuff against your better judgment. Other times people type stuff because they like the clicky sound, not because they are very deep. That's happened to me lots of times.

The guy/little one thing is a problem. I'm at a loss.

Kew, kew, kew... it's always the same with you two.

I know where Jen is coming from. I open up my big fat trap and next thing I know, I'm not allowed to buy yarn.

If it's little then it's not big and it's not option 3...or option 4 for that matter and anything you decide has to be better than boiling mallards. :)

I think you should get a horse because then you won't have time for anything else so nothing else will matter.

Sounds very mysterious. Should I know what you're talking about?

Sounds like *doing* a bandwagon may not be especially pleasant, at least from my POV. That's a lot of knitting, right?

Re: the little one/guy/thing/& that stuff.....I'm not sure but don't forget it is a full moon tonight and that stuff (at least) is bound to be a bit kooky. Unless there's a fire, waiting a few days won't hurt much.

Fraternal socks?? You've come a long way, baby, err, Cookie! (Sorry for the ad reference.--I've been submerged in the 70's this afternoon.) I can't wait to see them!

What's the gauge issue with Kew you've got going?

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