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Friday, June 01, 2007


You are neither a freak nor boring, you're just on a different plane. Please save me a seat.

I'm with you on the Pepsi and lace!

I feel your pain, really. like clock work. every. freaking. month.

Hmmm, I'm not sure that Pamprin and lace go very well together. Pamprin and a nice easy stockinette stitch sock sounds safer.

Migraines suck! I get them every month, too, and sometimes I get an extra one or two just for fun.

Did you say ROVING? HAHAHAHAH! You are so going to get addicted. Just remember I warned you!

Hey... at least you don't have a prostate. You can take as much Pamprin as you want!

I am so with you on the always keeping the hands busy. You do have "emergency" yarn to knit until the new box arrives, right? Or a good LYS with home delivery???

Hope you feel better soon! I get migraine-like sinus headaches every once in a while, so I know a little of how that must feel. As in, splitting your head open with an axe pain. Right?

Wow. I'm in lovely with that gorgeous apricot! Thanks for saving a pretty photo of it for us. *drool*

I'm so sorry about the headache, kiddo! Maybe a little camomile tea while you and your needles make some lace? I hope it is a very short headache.

Oooo! Two boxes of yarn *plus* roving?! I hope you'll post some photos when they arrive.

Hey be careful who you're saying may be freakish...I could resemble that remark. :-)

Lace & PMS? Oh my! Can't wait for the updates!

Roving? Are you on your way over to the dark side? Bwahh ha ha ha! Join us ... you'll never go back!

I love what you told Sandy. Sorry about the headache.

Feel better soon! DD gets migraines and I suffer along with her (vicariously, anyway).

Yup, Pamprin, Zhena's Gypsy Tea in Red Lavender and untangling sari silk. It's almost the same sort of thing. *sigh*

Pamprin and Pepsi. I can relate, darlin'. They go so well together. :) Hope you're over the migraine by the time I'm commenting here. Damn those headaches anyway. Who ever came up with THAT shitty idea????

Ok, being the only guy here, I ain't got nothing to say. Thank you for NOT driving.

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