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Saturday, June 23, 2007


At least when the fires hit we get some pretty colored clouds.

WHOoooo! /thud


Are you sick of the sun yet? I may be in the Sierra's (don't call me the foothills....I insist I am IN the Sierra's) but the thunderstorms don't usually get here. Sometimes they do and I almost CRY I am so happy to see a cloud!

And when the damn world catches fire, I hole up in the house because I can't breathe! I seriously HATE California!

ahhhhhh, I feel better now :-)

As long as you keep hating us the way you do, it's all good. ;)

Hooray for good moods!

"I still hate people and am still sending e-mails with titles announcing who I am hating at the moment."

This sentence made me crack up laughing...you are as always a hoot!

You're in a good mood because it was my birthday, so there.

No! You're in a good mood because I managed to knit a whole sock in one day! Oh wait, that's why I'm in a good mood. Never mind.

Hmmm. I have gotten no such email with the name of your hate du jour and I'm feeling a bit grumpy about it too.
Who DO you hate??

I love your honest emails about the people who don't deserve to live. Yesssss.


Love the new tree too.


I'm a noob. Where in the California Sierra Nevada Mtns are you? I'm in El Dorado County, just three miles past Lorna Miser's house.

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