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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Sometimes I can't knit and count to 2.

How did the striping match up on the bloody socks? Did you have to cut and start at the right spot?

The yarn that shall not be talked about has decided it doesn't want to be socks either. /sigh Hope you have better luck with yours. Go back to the original lace plan!

I like the clock photo. I don't know if it just the photo or the clock or both. (sorry, too much chocolate after supper.)

The socks look good, even if they do leak.

Wow, you've got some nice colors there for Project Spectrum. I've never joined it, but it's fun to see what others have put together.

Oops! BAD typo in my post there. Fixy, please?
Should be Project Spectrum...my bad...

I so need to get on this.

Love how you put this together. :D

It's not officially a lace project until you lose count during the cast on *at least* six times. :)

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