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Monday, June 25, 2007


Skinny cow? I like their ice cream sandwiches, I mean BREAKFAST sandwiches. Yes, that's it...

Mmmmm...I need to get one out of my freezer right now!

Dairy is a nutritious start to your day!

Hey, some people eat eggs & bacon for dinner, so why not ice cream for breakfast? Especially good if eaten while purring/drooling kitty is standing on your chest.

I wound up my Kew yarn. I'm trying to figure out what I need & want to do to the pattern to make it toe up, so let's roll.

Mmmm.. I'm with Jen! I'm doing a pancheta, green been and mushroom saute to go with my dover sole tonight. Wanna come down?

It's not for showing off, it's for not being monogomous to one sock.


YAY about Skinny Cow. Love their Ice Cream Sandwiches. yum.

Ain't nuthin' wrong with showin' off your socks, imo. Each pair of socks is an accomplishment! :) I think your socks are just having a attitude problem. Sorry for your sock troubles. :(

Ice Cream for breakfast? I'm on board! Hey, it's got as much calcium and calories as my yougart.

forget the ice cream.. I wanna hear about the show off!

No. No more showing off! :(

Can i hear a taped session of the "yelling in the car"?

Great kitty photo! Kitty's just showing how much she is glad you are around. Downfall is a harsh word....perhaps servitude may be more accurate. *g*

What's wrong with yelling in the car??? /queries....

I just discovered Skinny Cow yesterday. I had to buy some, but I haven't eaten any yet. . . I do like me some ice cream for breakfast, but I'm trying for it to be a reward at the end of the day.

Hmm, I could use me some of that "handling certain stressful issues better" -- what's your secret? Since I have dubbed my current sock "High Anxiety", that tells us something, huh?

Skinny Cow is a good thing. :D

I wish I had some for breakie right now. heh

I have just caught up on all 23 of your posts for which I was behind. And I enjoyed each one! (This is kind of my life at the moment -- things done in batches or not at all).

I love that your kitty purrs like a speedboat. Mine purrs like a lawnmower. My other one is mostly quiet but guards me at the top of the stairs from interlopers. :) He knows that some days, I definitely prefer the four legged company to two legged. :)

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