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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I'm a hockey fan.


Love is all about two retards that are the exact opposite that will never have a thing in common and after awhile can't stand to be in the same room with each other nor a marriage!!!!!! Love is deaf dumb and blind.
so I've heard......

Love is deaf,dumb and blind. Love is all about two retards that have no business even speaking to each other, have nothing in common and after awhile can't even co-exsist in the same house much less same planet. or so I've heard......Yeah, those socks are made for each other.

yeah, i've written the same thing twice.so?

Love is accepting someone whether they are perfect or not...letting the small differences slide off your back and enjoying their unique qualities.

Or a Raiders fan! What if you fell in love with a Raiders fan, that would be AWFUL.

But it is very pretty yarn.

Or you could fall in love with a Raiders fan! That would be seriously awful. Ick, Raiders.

But the yarn is very pretty.

I think any kind of sports fan would be pushing a limit. *L*

I'm sure you will love them no matter what. I've heard the condom yarn is really soft when worn. :D

How much cuff will you have?


Hockey? Never heard of it. Isn't that an artist?

Sorry about the socks not being microscopically identical...just go with it. It'll be fine. Or you can just make them willy nilly and Koolaid overdye them if they bug you too much.

Or just declare that that was how you meant them to be, as, after all, if you're knitting them now knowing all this, it .is. how you're meaning them to be...
Personally, though, I love mismatched socks (think I inherited that from my daughter...)

Is this your way of trying to break it off with me? That's cold. I guess a hockey fan and a super anal, I put my socks on with a RULER in hand type were never meant to be. /singing two different worlds...we come from two different worlds...

I've never had the burden of perfectionism. I think the socks are gonna be awesome.

Go for it! Mismatched socks are fun!

All the cool kids wear mismatched socks; now you'll be cool :)

Well, there's nothing wrong with fraternal twins in socks....

The sock looks great! I am definitely coveting the colors. Nobody is symmetrical, why should socks be?

Does bleach make sock yarn white?

HEY!!! I'ma hockey fan and you told me only yesterday or the day before that you love me! Wahhh!

What's wrong with mismatched socks in the same colorway?

Do your ears match? Are your boobs the same? How about your feet? I'm just wondering because everything on the left side of my body is a bit larger than it's matching part on the right. Just sayin'...

Love is knowing that the damn socks are going to be covered up by shoes *anyways*, so what's wrong with 'em being mostly mismatched?

Worst that could happen is that you're mistaken for an engineer. Or a physicist.

I think the sock is wonderful too ... no wonder you love it!

Don't worry about the not matching thing ... when you are in love, it is the quirky little things that you find endearing, right? and besides ... when the one you love is gorgeous, you can overlook some small imperfections ... for a while! Bythe time the imperfections start to get to you, you will have sucked all the beauty from the love affair, and will be able to walk away from it, leaving it a torn and tattered shell of its former self, and you will still have the fond memory of a Summer (or Winter) of pure love!

Very pretty sock. But will it ever find true happiness? The perfect match? Its sole mate? Stay tuned for -- As the Sock Turns!

oooh, I am a hockey fan....please love me :)...I luv you back. There is no other show like hockey to watch, fast, people get beat up, and the rush on those last microseconds of the game are almost orgasmic :).

As for the socks....remember they spend most of their time in a pair of shoes, so you won't see them really.

Geez Olga, now tell us how you really feel! Yikes! :)

Cookie hunny, it's *only* a sock not the cure for cancer...and life isn't perfect. The socks are really pretty as is!

Besides, isn't one of the coolest things about hand knit socks their uniqueness?

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