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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I totally understand. Happy Knitting! :)

Too funny. Me, I'm finishing my sock-in-progress before I start my next pair, which will be for the SOS. And I'm at the toe decreases on sock 2, so I'm close, people, very close.

Cop out!!! Gah, it's 9:30 already and I haven't cast on yet. Damn horse!

Well, at least you have a goood excuse. I thought you were gonna say Otter was back.

Knit, girl, knit!

So basically, you are living up to the name of your blog -- shut up and knit! XOXO

Knit on!

Whoo! GO COOKIE!! I was thinking of knitting along even though I didn't have enough notice to join. *ahem*

I think you can pop out a pair a week. Cause you've got skillz like dat. :)

To a cat that translates as "Come, sit on my lap and be a total pest and claw at my yarn and chew on my knitting!", y'know. ;)

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