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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hrrmm. There seems to be a bit of this going around. Although I'm blissfully ignorant or your details or those of any of the other kids on the playground, I will say that it seems like most people are either looking for someone to punch, someone to blame or someone to preach to. If someone wants an excuse badly enough, they're happy to pin it on you at the first opportunity. That doesn't make it your responsibility. You can only control what you do, and hell, some days you can't even do that. We're all human, right? Taking on the stress of someone else's actions will drain you, my friend, and you need your energy for other things. Like socks.

And you might not have gotten the memo, but apparently we're supposed to write only nice, complimentary, happy-shiny-people-holding-hands posts on our blogs. Your corner of the internet isn't really yours and all that. Peer pressure to be PC is the new black.

grrrrrrrrr. I'm right there with you. I lump the "everyone has to play nice" people in with the same ones who expect to be in the show, regardless that they never showed up for rehearsal, or if they even have talent.

It's even sadder when the ones doing the preaching has a huge following of sheeple, who will do whatever their "mesiah" tells them to do. Sad sad sad.

I'm glad you wrote this, cuz I'm gonna link you today, once I figure out what else to write in my blog...which I'm hoping will be ranty, and mean and controvercial. PC...bah!

Names! I want NAMES!!!! I'm keeping my own personal list of people to burn when I get good and mad....oh yeah, I think your name might be on it...oh, just kidden. I have to say that or you might delete your blog.....

There are far too many people who don't seem to realize they have their head stuck up their ass. It's a truly sick thing to have all the BS fakey nice flying around.

I've got a few situations and people in my own life that I'm about ready to start being honest about if they don't shut their shit up. Blah. Life is too the fuck short to put up with such nonsense.

Thanks for posting this.


"some peoples children"
thats all i can say

I think I need to keep reading the ranty blogs, because in my personal life I am sometimes way too polite. No, wait, sometimes I'm way too bitchy. Hmm, maybe I'm just moody. One mood, all the time -- how boring would that be?

I think the new Pope looks like Count Chocula. Every time I see the Pope I want cereal.

~Snort~ "the new Pope looks like Count Chocula"
So, do you think I'm too nice and sunshiney? And holding hands and rainbows? I need to know!
I am.
I know I am.
And leave my feelings about the Pope out of this~lol
Isn't this (THIS being THAT) all another form of "Enough about ME, what do YOU think of ME?"

Huh? Guess there is a President of Blog Behavior who didn't send out the Memorandum of Nice Behavior Only to some of us? If I wanted to read/think/be nice all the time, I'd move to Stepford, thank you very much!


People have opinions? Who knew?

You know what REALLY pisses me off about the whole pope business? You can NOT find a single bar of Pope Soap on a Rope. WHY???? Just picture it, it could be a bar of the pontif andging from a rope made from the same stuff he wears as a belt.
Or was that Jethro Bodine on the Clampets?
All Hail Jethro!

Oh, so if it were Jethro, would it be Dope on a Rope?
Same thing, I suppose.
I kow, I'm already going to hell, so???

No clue about what this is about....well maybe a small clue....

But did you HAVE to say the foothills would catch on fire? Do you SEE WHAT YOU DID?

Tell Dave not to get me started. I have found "things" that will traumatize him. Really. Ask Jen. Or you could speak of the Paris Duck. :)

What do you mean you weren't talking about me. Pffft.

Awright. Spill it. :-)

So, I assume that this woman is annoying. At the very least. So, thanks for making her go away. ;-)
I kinda liked the old pope too. An acquaintance refers to the new pope as Pope Palpatine, and photoshops lightning bolts coming out of his fingers. I like it lots.
I still kinda wish I knew who/what you were talking about. I could use a good bout of righteous indignation. ;-)

I must say, the comments section here has me howling!

And now for my decree -- eh, nevermind. I'm too tired to tell everyone what to think today ;-)

I hope I'm coming in at the end of the story...at least I think I am or else I'm just too dang busy with other stuff or too dense. Cookie, I have read your blog every time you post for a good long while and I've never been able (on my own) to figure out your incredibly veiled references. (Or I just don't play in the same sandbox.) So, if some one thinks you are referring to them, they must have a huge "I-complex" is all I can contribute.

Now, where are the socks?!

Clearly, people are just insane . . . sheesh. Talk about a little too sensitive. (Her, not you of course!)

Angie, don't worry...i'm with you in the "clueless corner".

ROFLMAO@ Count chocula, you are SO right!! LOLOL!! But i still miss the last Pope, rest in peace, Karol Wojtyla.

I too must play in a different sandbox (love the playground reference). I'm sorry that this person has caused you stress, but maybe if she takes her toys and goes home, it's all for the best?

Oh I hate not knowing what you're talking about!!

Whew..thankfully I was able to get my blog back after deleting it!

JUST KIDDING...like I would ever deprive the world of my ramblings.

My advice..feck 'em..if you don't like what you see blogline reader..then stop reading.

I can only HOPE one day to make the cookie list.



A wise person once said "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." Well, same goes for respecting opinions. Well said, Cookie.

I think I'm glad I don't get around Blogland much any more. I'm just glad you're still here.

All I can hear is Tom Servo going "B-b-b-b-b-bite me!" as he and Crow sing along to the ending credits song of City Limits. *snerk*

You know, when I was younger, I used to remember thinking that grown-ups were cool. They weren't affected by such petty things as someone saying something mean about someone else and taking all their toys and going home.

I have since arrived at the train station marked 'Grown-Up' and found that some people haven't changed at all, they've only grown taller.

Darn it! Again I am lost, no wonder I am so slow on my bike...it is not my legs is my brain that it's slow! I must have been going down the slide when this event happened...darn it!

When did people get so damn sensitive? I say it's your blog, you say what you want, if people don't like it, they can stop reading it. End of story. I recently got bitched at by a neighbor about something I wrote in my blog that had nothing to do with her (stupid troll). She's not a knitter so why is the nosy bitch reading my blog anyway? Wow, didn't mean to rant in the comments! Anyhoo, good post.

I keep reading about all these different incidents and they keep referring to this and that. I really wish I was a big enough person to not care who they are talkin' about.

But I'm not.

I wanna know.

I, apparently, am a child.

So spill it! Who we talkin' 'bout?

I'm confuzzled... I know nothing of such things except that I keep reading of folks who seem to be entirely antifuzzled, and I'd like to know, but then again, maybe I can't really be bothered.

But the thing is, um, have I got this straight? A doesn't like what B says, so A deletes their account (A's account, I assume, since I'd expect A couldn't delete anyone else's account?), and this hurts B because? Unless B was as confused by algebra as I seem to have become and wonders why the sum of the two would be either C or a banana?

jesus christ! this is what i hate when i get behind in bloglines. i don't know who or what everyone is talking about!!!

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