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Thursday, May 31, 2007


That is a pretty sock. Oh, yes, and I think I have some sock yarn coming. Enabler.

I love the sock too!


I adore that sock pattern! The lotus flower is lovely--such a fantastic photo.

Well then... KNIT IT! I love the yarn colors! Very refreshing.

Shit! Is today really the last day? Shit, shit, shit.

Cool sock! I may have to get it when it is available to the general public. Meanwhile, have a great day! **HUGS**

I can't wait to knit mine up too. Well after I knit some none blue for a while. Too much blue has been knit over here. I need a break. *L*

I can't wait to see yours though. I bet it'll be fantabulous. :D

What an amazing photo.

Pink, green, and yellow can NOT be over. I'm not done yet. And I have no red or black anything to knit!

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