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Monday, May 21, 2007


Oh my goodness, those are SOOOO cute! Details, details! Must get some of that yarn!

I'm feelin' a litle exclamation pointy today.

That yarn is crazy cute. :D

Great Socks!

I was just wondering where you were and there you are. 8-!

Nifty little Magic 28 sockers.

Wow. Someone has been busy!

Very cute little socks. :)
Happy feet. Are they for a little Otter Jr?

Oh, those are so cute! :)

If i got only one word on a monday...

it would be....


sorry if this is supposed to be a PG13 board...

Little Otter Jr? o.0

Does Dave think I am with Child?

Aww! I love the ones with the contrasting heels and toes.

The socks are adorable!

I do feel that I need to point out that this post had more than one word ;-)

Cute boots... I mean socks. Wouldn't the whole "magic 28 #5 and #6" make it more than one word Monday?

SEE!! SEE!!! And you said I was being mean to Dave!!! I told you... too much time on his hands. He could be dyeing us yarn or something

/runs from Dave

but not the Cookie monster

One word comment Tuesday morning:
(you used more than one word. Just noticing. )
So can I, then. LOVE THEM!



These are so sweet and the colour looks just the same as a clematis I've just photographed.

Must make those socks...NOW! First the mittens to match the hats I have done..then some of those socks. I have printed the pattern out about 6 times I think.

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