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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Ack, I've only done Magic 28 # 1 & # 2 and one of # 3! Yours are sooo cute. :)

Whaddaya mean by, "doing the yo's wrong"?

I love them muchly much!! I wanna magic 28 too. :D

Like RIGHT NOW. o.0

No. NOW.

seriously. that is crazy fun and awesome looking

plus I think I could actually handle that without crying or anything. (long week)


Maybe you are doing your YOs correctly and the others are wrong! Ya never know.

What about knitting (and/or felting) bags...or pillows or something that doesn't have to fit?

LOL I've even thought of making a baby blanket, and I don't even know any babies or babies-to-be.

What you need to knit is the parasol from Knitty!

Great socks! Freak! :)

You know... you could knit me a TON of stuff! I have a list
t h i s
long. I'll send you the yarn (ahem-right- eyeroll) and you could knit stuff!


Someone else is a control-freak knitter?? *gasp*

Really cute itty-bitty socks!

Little ones don't care if yarnovers are rigth or wrong..as long as it keeps their tootsies toasty!

You could knit for me :)

Love the sockies; I've still only done Magic 28 #1.

You could always knit me socks (I'll pay you) but I have size 8 UK!!!

It's almost the weekend. Almost!

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