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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Are you sure you weren't some sort of escape artist in a former life? One that specialized in getting untangled from all sorts of fancy knots?

Exploding yarn? I never knew Dave's yarn was that dangerous ...

LORD HAVE MERCY!!! WHAT KIND OF ALIEN ARE YOU? 4 HOURS!!! 4 hours I sat with that stuff.

Glad it got there! And, I only bought the pink because it was for you!

Wow! Now that's a haul of goodies! Very cool pressies.

A yarn cake exploding!...it must be the baking powder. Now if folks would just stick to yarn *balls* ........ okay I'll go rest. *g*

A knitter of the same temperament. I do not mind untangling yarn and also volunteer to do it for others. That was very sweet of you!

Great goodies; I especially love the soap but do not understand what made her think of you. ;)

Mmm, I love free yarn through tangled skeins. :d

It's all Dave, all the time around here, huh?
NOT that there is one thing wrong with that. I advocate it, myself!

Hi! Bet you thought you'd never see me again, eh? Well, here I am, big as day..... XOXO

Wow. One hour?! That sure beats the seven hour mess i made of some of Dave's "Kaliedoscope" yarn. Oy! You are the master!

A black cardi? For you?? Who'd have thunk it?!

What a great little parcel. Dave's so lovely he's really getting noticed and mentioned over here too!!

Wow, I've been sick for several days, and this is such a sweet post to wake up to.
Problems with the skeins being knotted up??? I gotta look into this.

Ooooh fibery goodness, love it and the colors, especially the tangley mess. LOL gotta love the soap - and you ;-)
Okay I have to ask - where can I see a picture of the ripple sock pattern? Us sock addicts must know these things.

Nice job on the tangle! I'm totally sending you all my irretrievable messes of skeins. Um, the ones I haven't been able to untangle myself, that is. Which so far (knock on wood) there have been none of.

Ohhhh...nice yarns and cool stuff in that box!!! So far been lucky and had no tangled yarns (knocks on wood)!!!


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