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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


You know I'm gonna love them both!

Beautiful, beautiful yarn, I am SO impressed. What talent. Can I have your autograph? =)

There ya go. Those are SO much more you than my pretty bright green! ;)

Not boring, pretty!

That pink is gonna look pretty on Margene's feet.

You are CERTAINLY never boring.

Medicated, but not boring


Gorgeous and gorgeous. Quite an ingenious way to hide from the garden, I would say. :-D

Beautiful yarn! I think dyeing yarn to knit for charity is a perfectly acceptable way to avoid the gardening; but then I think sitting on my butt in my corner of the couch is a perfectly acceptable way to avoid gardening, or housecleaning or....

So pretty!

Not boring at all. Your colors are beautiful!

You are never boring. You are super faboo! :D

Love the dye jobs. I think it's cool that you are doing that. I need to get my life organized so I can do fun stuff again.

How many Dulaan FO's have you knit up so far? :D

Love your new yarn. Not boring at all! Your posts make me laugh out loud. *My* posts are boring lately...no knitting to show. But you have knit up a storm!

Love the pretty yarn, especially the pink, which is odd, because I'm usually all about purple, but that pink speaks to me.

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