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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Mmm, I do like those yarns with one ply black. I really liked some yarn I used last year for BIL socks -- 1 ply black, 1 play dark red or maroon. Must get me some.

I see we like the same color schemes. I think they are really gorgeous.


If you can see cat fuzz in that photo (which I can't)-- you ought to be able to count rows, I think.

I also think you are leaving out the interesting part of the bathroom story...well, maybe... :-) Hope tomorrow is a fun day.

Inquiring minds need to know about the bathroom! As for the dryer lint ... you know that it comes in different colors, don't you? My mother used to collect dryer lint.

Dryer lint? Ok. If you say so! LOL!

Um, so i'm taking it that you didn't use a row counter as you were knitting that sock?


OPTION 3!?!??!?!

And you say you live a boring life! I don't believe you at all anymore. There's something about pink and black that is always... right. Maybe it's a flashback to my dream of being a Pink Lady.

Love the sock!

I want to know the rest of the bathroom story; I like weird :)

What cat hair? (ignoring tumbleweeds on my own floor...)

I am sorry about your Wal-Mart in the previous post. It is ruining our old fashioned New England towns too. I sympathize. Please send some of those palm trees.

Come on, share the bathroom story.

I have the same problem with cat hair...I figure if I don't point it out people won't notice.

Love the sock and how that yarn is knitting up.

We may need to get you an OttLite thingy what with all the black yarn knitting in your future. ;)

*waves from under a pile of cat hair*

Want that I should mail you some of my cat hair soon? Okay! Consider it done and done. :P

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