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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Aww ... cute sockies! Stress knitting works for me. *g*

I love those little sockies! And I think I love your LYS and you too, of course!

Purty! Are you reading my mind. I'm doing palatte socks and lorna's laces.

Of course, I in no way can even come close to knitting a pair as fast as you.

And I'm easily distracted by bright shiny things.

Great socks. I love the little Magic 28 pair - too cute :)

Love the purple socks! But I love most purple things. Yes, I really am that easy.

I love both pairs of socks, but I have to say that I am just amazed at the purple ones. I know what you mean by alike but not alike, but I have to say that the two socks look very, very much alike compared to the way that most pairs of Lorna's Laces socks turn out. I have to put down some of my Cabin Cove and STR and pick up some LL for socks, because I love it and I miss knitting with it, especially when I see socks like yours.

Oh you wonderful sock knitter, you. :D

Your socks look great! I hope your foot is better too. I read that you stepped on a rose cane. Ouch ouch ouch.

Hmm. I must be hungry because I read that you did not like how your yarn was PUDDING. I mean, WHO WOULD?? really.
Mmmm. pudding.

Love the socks. The purple ones look like mirror/reverse images of each other. Yeah, clear as mud. You figure it out. :-)

Love the little pinkie socks. I'll have to give the Magic 28 a try.

It only took me two days to see the difference in the purple socks.

::: forehead slap :::

Ooo your human sized socks are so cute. The lornas looks great. :D

The baby socks are cutie too. *squees like a nut*

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