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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


What a great idea - kitty socks! I'll knit 9 pair to stop my 9 kitties from scratching. Or will I have to knit 18 pair? Oh forget it; I'll just knit for the kiddies.

I love Norma's Magic 28 socks!

I printed out the pattern...we will see how it goes from there...

Is *that* Otter on vacation again??

I think this post wins for the most "nothing" i've ever seen. WTG! ;)

I just joined the magic 28 ring! Thank you for posting about it.

I'm not joining until I finish one pair. Of which I am 10 rows into the second sock. Cause I have to use up the palette.

I just got some NP... in iris and ummm... two others. But I think I'm going to use my J. Knits in the per-ti-est green evah.


DId I just get a comment in without insulting anyone?

Oh, no, I don't think I have any suitable solid colored sock yarn. I may be forced to purchase yarn for Kew. . .

If I didn't have a bazillion projects going right now, I'd join this immediately.

And Stacey's comment insulted me.

Is this the place where random people can get insulted??
Your cat wears socks??

No Kew for me this time - but, I will work on Magic 28!!!! I enjoy charity knitting....

Well, I like that blue yarn, myself, but green would be better for a leaf sock. They both look very yummy!

Your cat wears socks is an insult? I would think it should be more like -- "your cat wears mismatched polka dot and striped socks." *g*

I'm not a sock knitter (waits for the collective intake of breath and feeling of shock to pass) but it sounds like a fun KAL. I could definitely make socks for my cats, but they'd definitely not wear them. :)

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