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Monday, April 30, 2007


Is that kitty telling me to shut up and knit?
Cute, cute kitty!
And socks are cute btw. I was so busy thinking about pudding that I forgot to share my sock love.

Well, you know what they say...

"If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

Awwww, kitty behind bars. Sounds like a p0rn movie, bloglines, but it's not.

Cutie-bug kitty. Sometimes one of our kitties will do the tongue trick, too. I think it is just because they are happy and in a love-zone.

Awww... she looks just like you!

Except for the fur and the teeth. But the tongue sticking out bears a STRIKING resemblance.


How old is your glamorous kitty? I had a Tortie Persian and a Flame Point Himmy previously.

her little tongue is so cute, love the picture

Awww cute! Do you take that outside so she can enjoy a spring breeze? My guys never get to go outside but one of them will sit by the open door (well the storm door is there with the window open) for hours and "talk" to things that she sees.

Yep, just keep telling yourself that's why her tongue is out ;-)

Dave's comment would sound more like a P0rn movie if it were "pussy behind bars". Sorry, couldn't resist.

LOVE the kitty and the kitty condo. Maybe that's what Sassy needs

What a cute kitty...looks like that is just her favorite space for spring...

She is super cute. :D

Love the tongue. Seems like she's telling you the way it is. *L*

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