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Friday, April 27, 2007


Some things are worth the money.

I hope you do feel better.

Hope you feel better soon.

I was dumb yesterday and spent most of the day outside cleaning the yard and I am allergic to the sun--I get sunblisters on my arms and hands, well today I have little blisters all over.

Sock yarn is not just yarn--it gives a spiritual high :)

Oh I understand completely! My mama used to do the same thing...bitch about the prices. But she also had this clever trick of saying "let's go shopping" or "let's go out and eat" but she always managed to forget her wallet. I'm planning on doing the same sort of things when I'm older..like maybe next week *G*

Happy Friday to you too!

Oh, boy, can I relate. My mom's name is Anna. We call her Acylic Anna. I son't know if she's EVER touched a natural fiber in her life since 1973. Really. At least OUR generation knows quality. Or at least knows what crap is. Well, most of us anyway. Maybe?

You? Intimidating? Nah!

Did you really tell your mom to use her inside voice? I once told mine that she looked like a homeless person. :-0


At least you lived to talk about it? And aren't facing any jail time.

I'm still trying to find a pulse

The rose looks like it's about to start clanking a cup across the bars and yelling ATTICA! I have a bunch of stuff my mom knitted and it's all beautiful, intricate cables and stuff. And it's all acrylic. I don't know if my mom even knew what wool is. And I know she would never have paid for a skein of sock yarn. Not even trekking. Especially not STR.

I told my mom "Get the fuck out of my kitchen" two weeks before she died. She went outside and flipped me off through the window. The saying what you want to say can be cathartic, but only if they fight back.

I wasn't so sure that I was going to make it to Friday either, but I did.

Mothers can be so frustrating! I spend as little time as possible with mine; she just drives me crazy and I get all snippy and then feel guilty afterward. Man, I really hope that my daughter doesn't ever feel that way about me (although I know that sometimes the mere sound of my voice drives her nuts).

I used to think the same way about "real" yarn prices...but then i learned. Ahhh. Life is so much better now.

Shouldn't your Mom's yarn be in "jail" rather than your roses?

I love the Never Happened tag! Hope the skin thing improves. For me, it is usually stress + less-than-stellar eating habits. Mostly stress. I hope things chill for you. Happy Weekend!

The LYS story about your Mum is so funny. Hope your skin settles down. I wish I could knit as fast as you, all those lovely pairs of socks you must have. :D

I like it when you are intimidating to certain people. Granted some people never get over the fear of me, so I think we're pretty funny together. *smile*

I'm sorry the week was hard. same here as you know.

I was wondering how your mum would do at a real yarn store. and now we know. o.0


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