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Saturday, April 28, 2007


oh man! poor foot. Hope the days turns better :)

Oh! Time to hide under the bed for a while. Sorry, babes. ***HUGS***

It's NEVER to early to go back to bed. BELIEVE me on that one.

::: sniff sniff :::: You never gave me a heads up you were starting Kew. Meanie. It's the universe smacking you for not telling me. :(
I agree with Dave, it's never too early to go back to bed.


You have a favorite bathroom sink?


:::giggling at Stacey:::

You know, you brought this on yourself. See title of previous post. Uh Huh. You told Bloglines that you made it through the week. Oooops! You jinxed your Saturday. Bet you won't do that again?

I agree. Hide under the covers with Kew...that should fix everything right up!

Well, in the immortal, loving words of my daughter, "it must stink to be you"
Seems as if you have now paid your dues. You should be encountering only good.
Lavender. My dream in my garden. It won't plant itself you know.

I try really hard to not wish anything on anyone, but it really is difficult. And if the universe decided it wanted to kick Mel a bit, I guess I wouldn't complain.

Better Mel than you, anyway.

(. . . now I'm worried we're not talking about the same Mel? I M A DORK.)

You are doomed! o.0

You ever find that earing?

Thank you for the warm wishes, sweetie.


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