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Friday, March 23, 2007


Oh, thanks for the Tulips! I LOVE tulips!!!! :-)

I'm I one of the people you want to rant about seeing as I haven't returned many many emails. o.0 Sorry about that. *HUGS*

Stupid work guy = me want to kill

What the hell did Mel do this time? Wanna bet a leaf blower is the only blow he's gonna get. *L*

That was mean of me. Oh the hells wells.

I love the tulips. Mercy Mercy! ;^)

Did I tell you I got my swag too? I'm in love. The pattern and the yarn are to die for. I have so many projects I wanna do like NOW. That one I was bugging you about early may get put on hold. Eh. It may have been a hair brained idea to start with... *sigh*

Naptime yet?


Noooooo, I think *I* know what you want to rant about. That's what email is for, honey.

P.S. You have a fucking Mel Gibson category????? Fuck. I'll have to start one on....say.....uh.....I dunno. I'll think of somebody who used to be great but has turned into a flaming asshole. There are plenty of those.

Did The Norma really say Flaming Asshole? And she didn't mean Mel. But, that's another post for another time.

I love it when Mel gets blamed for any and or every thing..we have been far too kind to him for far too long...

Tulips and green stuff....we have warm and rain..can the tulips and green stuff be far behind?

OOOOH! PLEASE RANT!!! Give me something else to focus on besides the overwhelming urge to gnaw off my arm.

Pretty flowers... please don't mow them under.

Ooh, nice colorway. Makes you think of blue skies.

Which may anger you soon, as you head into the avoidance of lawn care part of your year.


I love that we should blame Mel for more stuff. I didn't get much sleep last. That fucking Mel Gibson stole my sleep! o.0



In case you decide you don't have time to knit socks out of that GORGEOUS blue yarn - I'll be glad to take it off your hands...:)

Love the tulips!!! And, it's beginning to look a bit like spring over here - except that some idiot on the weather last night said we're supposed to get 2" of snow...tonight...he's gotta be kidding - right???

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