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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I'm glad you are ready, love.

Don't forget the sunscreen. ;^)


and what a perfect, cheery spring photo! thanks for sharing.

Yeah, baby! :) Kind of happy for you, isn't it?

Hey, I'm with you, hiding in the dark. IF you do venture out, wear dark glasses and carry a big stick. (You can be sure there's going to be someone out there who's just gonna piss you off, and the stick is handy.)

Ummm... WHO are you and what have you done with Cookie? :)


Spring! It's the best season of all, if you ask me. I love it! Great flower picture, too.

Yep..it's amazing what a change of seasons can do for one's disposition...

I have been half way fun to be around this week. This too shall pass.


*long loud raspberry sound*

Winter was dark, COLD and lonely?????? You beast. You don't know cold. Don't EVEN.


It is turning spring here too and actually took a ride today...Been sort of hiding too...but, I'm ready for a new beginning...just wish it would get here quick!

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