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Friday, March 30, 2007


First off, you do not suck. You are the ultra fantabuous bestest friend a person could have and I am soooooooo lucky to know you and call you my own.


I love how the colors knit up. Too bad KnitPicks got rid of this yarn. Looks really cool. :D

I also love that pattern. It's really fantastic. I think I'll give that a try... once I do the other 3 or 4 things I am dying to try.

Thank you so much, sweetie. Well worth any sort of wait. There wasn't a big rush ya know. *poke*


I *really* need to make those socks. Alas, I have no striping sock yarn. Just pockets of different color sock yarn. Maybe I need to go SHOPPING!!!

You did a great job, sweetie!

Good socks, bad period.

See... I told you that you wouldn't have a problem with joining that 52 pairs in a year thing. Well, you might get bored... but think of all of the new yarn.

Hollywood sign in danger of burning as I type. :(

So... if I send you yarn, you knit? Cool! Who knew!?!?! I'm checkin' the stash right now


FOUR DAYS!?!?!?!

I worship at your handknitted stockinged feet.


The socks are beautiful!

Two periods in one month? That IS just so wrong!

Those are cute! Well done!

Wow, you're a fertile Myrtle! That sucks, sorry. At least your socks are adorable. That's something.

I chant my little kitchener song when I graft "knit/purl - purl/knit", it's annoying for those around me, but who cares.

Those are beautiful...

Oh, Pink,Green, Yellow for March & April??? Oops - don't know it I have any of that anywhere...

Hell, just post the picture of the socks again in March or April...we won't care - and it will be fun to see them again...

Take care...feel better...

Those are SO Otter, she's going to love them. The colors are pretty, and the pattern is perfect.

So does Cat. Those are awesome and the colors are perfect.


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