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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Lazy Saturdays are great...as soon as I finish reading blogs I'm off to sit in my favorite chair, knit CC socks, and watch tv...I tivoed a bunch of stuff...

OOOOOOOH... a take no prisioners post! WHOOT! Can't wait. If it's up early enough... I might link to it for my trash talk tuesday. :)

Because you know, I have nothing else. Enjoy your movies. I (well mom mostly) just washed the car and I'm settling in with my shawl and a netflix. Until I go for my drive anyway. Wanna know where I"m going? It may shock you.

YES!!! I AM WRITING A MANIFESTO! (told you - verbose)

Lazy Saturday? I WISH. It involved miles and miles of walking. 154 photos. Maybe 2 worth actually keeping. No one was naked. Whatever.
Nice daffy, looks pretty. I remember spring.

I'm enjoying a VERY lazy Saturday. I had an almost-three-hour nap. Those daffodils are gorgeous. I'm jealous. We won't have daffodils for another two months, probably.

There's a fence in that pic? Hmmm. Had you not said anything i would not have even noticed. Ask Dave, i never mention fences, only Porta-loos. LOL!

We had a lovely Saturday of knitting group, where i was happily knitting along on the 1x1 rib for Deb's vest...got about 600 stitches done (2 rounds or so, and then managed to F it right up. Sigh. Frogged it. Will recast tonight. Thank goodness i was only 5 rounds into the thing.


Thank you for the lovely daffodil picture. Next to Gerbera daisies they're my favorite flower. =)

What fence?

I know that daffodil just smiled at me.
I hope your Saturday is still being lazy. I hope you lazed enough for me too. I won't get lazy until next weekend.

Love their pretty little daff faces. Hope your Saturday was good. Can't wait to see the socks. Dave sounded a busy little bee again!!

I was so entranced by the daffy and the sky, I totally missed the fence until you mentioned it. No lazy here yesterday, but today it's pouring rain so I'll catch up on the laziness.

That is a beautiful photo, sweetie. :D

They cat knows you are weird, why she puts on this pretense of acting shocked is beyond me. *L*


*runs like hell*

Ohhh, you have daffodils!! Jealous!! :) Great pic -- you're right, it was worth some dirt, I'd wager. Hope you enjoyed your lazy day!!

Bare feet, daffodils, finishing a lovely shawl and laying it on grass...and a lazy Saturday???!! Yer KILLING me.
Seriously, beautiful shawl, hope you had a good lazy day!

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