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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It is so pretty...actually beautiful is a better word...now everyone has me thinking Lace...

The yarn is stunning...and yup I can see the leaves...you did a wonderful job on it...

It is SO beautiful! Wonderful job! A little bit of bossing your knitting around isn't bad!

Wow. It's really beautiful!

looooove that yarn -- and such beautiful work!

Gorgeous! I love the color!

Quite lovely! I would be bouncing too.

I agree with the mailing to Dave idea for photos. You know..he could take a picture of a beat up tin can and make a person say OMG..I have to have one of those!!!

All this lace stuff is making me have urges to try again...is there some sort of medication I can take to relieve that urge??

Beautiful and wonderful work...

Very pretty; great job!

WOW! That really did turn out beautifully. And it has such detail.
Sure, you can send it along to be photographed. I might even send it back to you. Maybe. We'll see...

You did a wonderful job. And lace gets easier with each project, you know.

Forget about getting it back. Dave will be wearing it on the bus and chatting on about how lace shawls are all the rage for men in Iceland or maybe he'll make up some exotic sounding location.

You'll never see it again. ;)

Oh my! Just amazingly beautiful!! When do we get to see the car cosy?

Such a beauty and great colour. So envious! :D

It's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. And the perfect color as well.

And just for the record, it's INTACT male goats that drink their own pee, not NEUTERED goats.

I'm just sayin' ...

I love it!! :D

That looks really cool, love. The colors really blend in and out well. :D

Goat pee what? *L*

You did a GREAT job, what's the next project you're gonna cast on for? :D


Oh my! This is truly stunning. I love it!

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