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Saturday, March 31, 2007


But socks are more than that! They're a quick finish, another notch in the win column, something to pass the time with while waiting... AND... so nice on the feet. There's nothing like handknit socks.

Screw clothes! Who needs em


While I don't seem to have any weight issues - (yes, I know I am lucky!!!) - the idea of knitting large things (sweaters, dresses, lace shawls) seem to overwhelm me - and I don't know why. Years ago I used to knit the most stunning dresses for myself. Not to mention the most beautiful afghans that would cover a double bed...to be honest - it might be an age thing and the fact that I am aging. (and sometimes not so damn gracefully either!!!)

Eh, knit to knit. The problem is that you are in the desert. If oyu had real climate, there are all sorts of non-size-issue things to knit, such as gloves, mittens, scarves, and even the occassional purse.
And Shrugs don't count because they are a bit tacky. I mean, really, they are to the 21st century what leg warmers were to the 80's. ;) I mean, really, people. And everyone hates eyelash yarn, but will knit a Shrug? What the fuck???

I used to think that same way about socks. I'm here to tell you that if you were to (Goddess forbid!) develop lymphedama in your legs, socks sizing then does become an issue. Hence, the "socklettes" that i make for myself

I can totally relate... Been feeling the same way recently So socks and lace it is.

But think, if you knit a cardigan and then loose weight you can have the pleasure of ripping it and reknitting it with yarn left over. *g* (I actually did this for Mike -- true love. One of these days I have to do it with a sweater his mom made for him when he was really heavy.)

You deserve to look good and have hand knits at any size. Enjoy who you are TODAY, life is short :)

In my mind, I'm built like a Rowan model. In reality, if I weren't of "a certain age" some might think I was expecting. So, I keep passing on sweaters too. But I do have a simple shell in my "coming attractions" pattern notebook. Of course, it's been there since last summer. Oh well.

I knit socks for the same reason you do. That's all I need is another layer to make me look even lumpier than I am. Pass the Haagen Daaz.

I echo all that Dave said.

So you should move to Vermont.



I will let you know how I survive April, the month of the sweater. I want to mark that off my list of things I want to accomplish this year.

I don't often knit anything for myself..mostly socks. A hat or scarf here or there. Other than that it's charity knitting.

Oh C. Do you want my virus? I lost like 5 lbs this week. It's not fun but it works!

Did I make you at least crack a smile?

Well....I tried.
Thinking of you

I never thought much about it, but I wonder if my predilection for sock knitting is in any way related to the size of my ass. I guess maybe if I actually got up and moved my butt instead of sitting on it, knitting, then I might be more excited about knitting something with a real size. But then I wouldn't have the time to knit -- it's a catch-22.

I know how you feel... as you know.

I think you am fabulous and should knit something you'd like now. Then when you are where you want to be you can knit more.


I know how you feel; I'm avoiding the spring knit patterns because I am carrying some extra winter weight.

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