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Sunday, February 25, 2007


I can't wait to see what google searches get people to this post!

Good advice about the google search. I am always asked what I search for when I am looking for patterns. Maybe I just don't get it but I never understand the question...I mean as you said...its just google...its simple...isn't it? Or am I missing something? lol

Oh sorry.. the knitted knickers search was me. :P


But see.. when we come across blogs like yours... of brilliant people who actually do the math... we like to suck your brain dry. *ahem*

Well, imagine if you had something referreing to...Oh, never mind, I can't do that to you.

Like possibly...CORN HOLING? Thank you for the Google tutorial.


I always did wonder how Google worked.:-)

You're knitting knickers? I had no idea! Hopefully not out of some hemp yarn?!! LOL!

Ok. I'm done annoying you now. ;)


Oy, if you think YOU'VE got it bad....(yes, of course this IS a competition..) You should see the search strings I get. Cripes.

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