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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Yea, I'm one of them. I'm thinking of making a sign for my house. "INsanknity!"

Are you talkin' about me?!?!?!


j/k..... but I do know of some people like that.

Do i ever get to see the entire list?

I'll let you have your huge yarn room (yes i know i don't really get a say anyway) as long as I can have my room full of beautiful guitars, amps and other little guitar gadgets.

I love Commuknity! Awesome yarn and friendly people and PARKING!


I wish i had that much yarn!


KO is still alive...or she was when I dropped her off at her rental car.


I was nice..showed her a darn good time!

Oh, isn't he the cutest??

awwwwww. That's too sweet! Must be an amazing boy!

Well, at least that's more than I have, I think. So I feel better now. Plus, mine would not be nearly as organized if I DID have that much. :)

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