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Saturday, February 24, 2007



I hate waiting for a package and it doesn't come :) Knowing it's out there... winging it's way towards me.

You'll make it! You are the Amazing Cookie! You, who finshes a pair of socks in a weekend, you can do it! Those socks will not beat you.

Or maybe they will


Pink blooming stuff? Shoot..we are supposed to get major ice tonight I guess. I figure if I don't watch the weather it won't happen.

Raising my right hand, I promise to take care of your buddy when I see her this week.


You'd better live that long! ;P


love your alive and blooming world.

spring is proof life goes on. very good.

box should be soon. not sure how man shipped... long white box, btw.

Can't wait to see current swag. :D

Oh a fun day getting a package in the mail! Only thing I hate about spring is that it means summer will arrive sooner. I am so not a summer fan...well unless that fan is blowing on me.

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