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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I have both of these books and was trying to find the right words to explain my thoughts on them and you nailed it right on the head! Thanks! For some reasons I could not put my thoughts on them down. I am knitting out of both of them right now but still could not find the words to describe my thoughts on them. lol

claps wildly

thank you!!! may i link to this post next tuesday

if you would have posted earlier i would have linked to it


Thanks Cookie! I'd had a chance to briefly look through the Artic Knits and I think I'd like to have it just for the information and stories. But now with the swatches..yeah I'll put this on my want list or wait for a 50% off coupon *G*. Think that Victorian Lace Today is way far ahead of me, so maybe someday.

btw, I had this interesting package in my mail today...with lots of pink *G* you have mail.

What a brilliant review...me, I'm a lace chicken..

Thanks for the review of the books. I've had Victorian Lace on my Amazon wish list for a while yet, everyone else seems to love it. I don't think I have the patience for laceweight lace just yet, I'd like some patterns using sockweight or DK or heck even WW, like you said, I need a win. I tried Birch and the KSH kicked my behind...

Thanks for the reviews. I agree about Artic Lace -- it made for a really nice read and added to my knowledge of Alaska and have only flipped through VL in the bookstore. Usually I am a lace book slut but given the price tag, I left it behind for the time being. I am trying to be a bit more discriminating in my purchases and did not feel I'd make anything from VL in the near future.

I just finished the arctic diamonds stole from arctic lace (the pattern was in interweave knits--I don't have the book). At least in the version I had, the pattern was incredibly well-written, easy to understand, and I pretty much breezed through it as a novice lace knitter. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/mahlu002/oneday/2007/02/finished_objects.html

Great review.
Luckily, I don't do lace.

Okay. It's time you find out the truth. I am a skimmer. From way back. I can't help myself.
But, um....if you YO wrong, would that be a YOB? (Backwards, of course?) Just wondering...
didja miss me in these here comments??

I have the 2nd book (VL) and although I enjoyed perusing through the pages, I am afraid that nothing really struck me as "knit me now" but then again, I don't have the lace bug. I am saddened to hear that it has a ton of errors though.

You can do your yarnover however you want, and I'm glad to hear yours is different from hers, because I suspect that means one more person who does it like me!

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