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Friday, February 23, 2007


Ohhhh..wild weekend plans here! Irish dancing lessons in the morning. One of the academic deans asked me if I would look after her husband tomorrow if he needed a partner. I am sure she thought he would be safe with me. I look so sweet and innocent you know. Michael then said "you realize if she teaches him dancing he will be belly dancing". Her eyebrows shot up.. "You belly dance?"

I told her I plan to make my world premiere belly dancing performance in Ireland...

I'm have a wild party where you can't get in unless you bring me yarn. :) Pink yarn. And Asti. Because it's a banana split kinda day - I was able to shift it into 5th! :::::happy dance:::::: It wasn't pretty, but it was 5th.

Go for a 6x2 rib. Or something.

I'll get my pink yarn together, take a pic and get help picking which one and what I'm going to do with it. I thought for sure you of all people would have more sock yarn than me. I feel like a gluttonous pig.

NAH! :)

That shrimp yarn! I told it to behave. Sheesh!

Wait. A party with Asti?? Stacey, do you need more friends to help you party?? ;)

I'm trying to think of how much sock yarn i have...well, i know that i have three bags with 10 balls each. One of that bags is Socks For Soldiers yarn that was donated to the cause, so not mine at all, really...i just get to knit it and send the socks back. I have one hank of ScoutJ two hanks of Dave's sock yarn. At least 9 balls or hanks of KnitPicks sock yarn. Four 3 hank sets of yarn i bought off of eBay more than a year ago. And four balls of a closeout sock yarn from Webs. Hmmm. I think that's it? And i'm still eyeing a colorway or four over at Scouts place. ;)

I'm sure i still need more!!


Go for the mistake rib -- it still pulls in. I like how the hat is working up but then I like yarns with unusual stretches of color.

It muttered that it prefers to be called Vertically Challenged. Shrimp has negative connotations, you know.
I cracked up at Ann's comment about being the only woman doing a belly dance to an Irish jig!

Shrimp yarn? Rude? I'll eat it with cocktail sauce. We'll see who's rude. :)

This week-end calls for just knitting on both the Cabin Cove socks and the turquoise scarf...and just relaxing!!! You do the same!!!

22 socks? I'm impressed. :D

Hey you get mail lately?

Love the way that hat top knit up. You am muchly good at that.

No ideas on scarf. will love anything.

I'd Pink a long. Have lots of pink yarn. Though need to knit something blue soon. Before March is over. /babble

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