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Monday, February 26, 2007


Ooo, I didn't know Trekking had a bamboo/wool blend. And well ... now I wish I didn't.

Nasty enabler. =)

Dang, I got tired just reading your blog post. Whew..you are a super knitter to be sure! One day closer to meeting KO!

The rain is coming this way too... not only did the weatherman say so, but the floppy paw did too.

I can't wait to hear what you thing... honestly think :)

Shit... just remembered...CC KAL. Erm... can I bribe you to do your update on Thurs? :) Oh, you do do it on Thurs. :)

I'm using Trekking XXL for my Soldier Socks. I bought it through the group leader, i'd never used it before. I love it! Hope the bamboo blend is just as nice.



Husband said if I could find bamboo for handknit socks he'd wear them. Thanks... hehehehe

What a super package! I love the lilac yarn and it was fun to read about their wool and all the other stuff they have. Think I'll pass on the lamb though *G*

Nice package...those are all really pretty colors...

BTW, I have some Trekking that I received from HockeyMom in my Favorite Color Swap - and I am just itching to make a pair of socks out of it...so, I hope you like the bamboo mixture one...their colors are so awesome....

Damn you stay busy!!!!

Lots of rain, huh? Loving all over your yarn! Lucky you! Yummy trekking.
And lookit me, commenting all willy nilly around the typepadville!

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