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Monday, January 29, 2007


Wow... love that Eleanor Roosevelt quote. Love it!

I am not sure I have ever been "cute". Dazzling perhaps...


I'd not heard that quote before, it's great!

I is old and not beautiful...does she say anything about that? ;)


The moment I started to feel that "damn, am I getting old?" feeling was the first time I heard the words "kids these days" coming out of my mouth. :)

I had to look around to see who said that!

Now I'm curious. Email me the details. *L*

I hate fake people who don't have a bloody clue how the real world works.

So when do I need to plant those tomatoes? It's not even February here. *L*

Love the flower though. I wish spring was here soon.

I really like that quote! Especially, since I will be 61 (cough, cough) on Feb. 6...and I sure don't understand how...my body doesn't feel 61 and my brain doesn't either...I'm the one who had the stereo blaring in the car yesterday listening to Meatloat's - Paradise by the Dashboard Light...

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